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Qu[arant]eening with Vero

Lady in Red -

Being a Woman

in Argentine Tango

Voices from the Congress

She touched on a lot of common issues, not for a single country, but for women from all countries. It was a very funny presentation, I was never bored.
The presentation was done highly professionally, there was a lot of research and really interesting facts were presented; the way Veronica talked including her subtle humor, you could feel her „passion“ for what she is doing. I was banned speechless during the whole presentation!

Veronica managed to show the evolution of Tango in such a delightful, interesting and amusing way that I could have listened to her for 2 hours more!

Veronica's lecture was the absolute highlight of the Tango Queens Congress 2020 , so we started our series with her witty, thoroughly researched and captivating take on what it means to be a woman in Argentine Tango.

We offered Veronica's lecture "Lady in Red - Being a Woman in Argentine Tango" in a recorded version, exclusively for Tango Qu[arant]eening. It was be pre-recorded to ensure the best quality for all of you, no matter the time zone. Furthermore, Veronica was available for a Q&A to answer questions about her lecture.

Thank you <3

In the name of the TQC Team we would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for getting out the message of love and communication. The fundraiser was a huge success. We would like to officially thank all of our teaching and instructing Tango Queens of the Congress and in particular Veronica Toumanova for having the courage to open our Tango[quarant]eening series. The funds we raised are being put to good use: split, shared & reinvested. More about this, soon.

Thanks you for your trust.
Monika, Carmen, Juliana & Evren