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It's a Revolution!

We attend milongas, travel to events, take workshops and classes...
Dancig tango has become such a huge part of our lives, that we hardly take the time to stop and reflect.

And we do think, feel and observe - and have a lot to say!

This is why a Congress like this is needed. To give the women in tango a chance to connect with other women, share their stories and discuss the complex experience of being a woman in tango.

Unlike other events, it will be "conference style" during the day, with some milonga-time in the evenings and plenty of time to rest afterwards. There will also be lots of time to socialise during our meals together, which are included in the participation fee, together with snacks and soft drinks.

Talks and Discussions

We will have talks on all sorts of subjects related to tango. Gender stereotypes, sex and dating in tango, feminism, misogyny, ageing, discrimination, imagery and visuals and more!
Some will be more intimate, others with expert panels made up of remarkable women who will answer all your pressing questions.


It will also be an opportunity to learn and you will have 7 workshops to choose from, all to make you a better and more empowered dancer.
Nothing extra to pay and all the knowledge you can absorb.

...and more

But that's not all. There will be some time for yoga and body work, more expert sessions on organising events and expert lectures on other topics related to women in tango. Our artists and speakers have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they can't wait to share with you!

But above all, this is the time for YOU. To share, learn, discuss and simply be together - Tango Queens in real life!